New SAG AFTRA rates start July 1, 2015

Money 2015

I love taking the summer off because it coincides with hiatus and I don’t feel like I miss a thing. But I am happy to see that our 3% increase begins July 1st! Costars for network television increase to $906 + 10% and guest stars are up to $3,145 + 10%.  Have you ever weeded […]

Pilot Season Grids!

Industry assistants create and update grids for pilots season and we also make our own! I use Casting About to find out what’s casting right now and I put that in a grid form.  I update thereafter with the breaking news on Deadline Hollywood’s Twitter account. So get started! Here are two starter grids for you. […]

Ushering in Pilot Season

I hope everyone had a fruitful and insightful Episodic Season for 2014. I auditioned once or twice a week and went to producers often – sometimes for the same show over and over! It was thrilling, even if I didn’t book a darn thing. I also learned that Fox does not allow actors to appear […]

Scouting Locations


My feature film is coming along! The Opposite of Everything has received all if my attention during our industry downtime over the summer. Here are some possible locations, all in Texas towns.

Capacity for Change

2014-05-13 20.59.25

Patsy Rodenberg said, “Actors connect. We walk into a room and we spot each other right away.” I would broaden that to include all theater makers. My personal theory is that we connect to people who have the same capacity for change. People who have the same upper limit on how much good we can […]

Twinkle is in the NY L.A. International Film Festival!


Are you in NYC? Come out Saturday, May 10th to see our short film, Twinkle, directed by Rosalyn Coleman Williams! Roz is part of an amazing duo with Craig Williams guiding actors to self produce: Red Wall Productions. Twitter: @RedWallPro It was a fantastic collaboration that I am so proud to be a part of. […]

Power of Women in Film: Portland!


I had a great time in Portland, Oregon at PowFest!  All the films were directed by women and told stories through a woman’s P.O.V. Back in L.A., I had just turned down a role in a pilot that starred all men – but 3 tiny female characters were written in to be their maid, their […]