Midwestern Transplant/ Aunt Most Likely to Dance Gangnum Style 

Enthusiastically organized. Surprisingly unconventional. Devoted. She buys local produce and boycotts plastics. Former Trademark Paralegal, she is an upscale up-cycle activist with a soft spot for the As-Is Section in Ikea.  A descendant of Mary, Queen of Scots, 1/8th Chocktaw, she is a Texan/Hoosier/Yankee making a life in the big city. A yogi with no commute, she runs her production company from home. When hiking, she brings enough BPA-free sunblock for everyone. Family photographer, early adopter, blogger, white wine & goat cheese fanatic. Hosts girls’ night in, Oscar parties, loves sitting around the fire with friends, and showing movies on her projector. Collects Lincoln Cents dating back to 1909. Won’t drive without Audiobooks and NPR. Quilter who Tweets pictures of yarn-bombing. Knows a Gaelic folk song, is a big Broadway nerd, and speaks with Texas twang when on the phone with family.  (UCB, Groundlings)